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Doubly Dead Dodo

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A game where the semi intangible player manipulates the dead into proactive forces of awesomeness, There are bad guys! there are obstacles! and there are SPRINGS! and possibly masses too.
Platform note: 
Will need the Unity Player plugin.
Brief Play Description: 

Guide your hapless corpse over obstacles and enemies by manipulating limbs individually and using your poltergeist like existence to haunt your foes to death. Semi autonomous movement with fine control added by limb controllers over a springs and masses controlled character hierarchy.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
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youtube vid so far


More screenshots of the grave stone hitting zombies

Having fun with this. also managed to get them into various sex positions. not got any screenshot of them yet.



Screenshot - coming together.

check out the screen shot from the game.



Dancing Zombies?

I propose that the game change into a Zombi dance move game, bust a move, loose a limb, good times will ensue, But nay, I have met resistance to my zombi dance theme from the rest of the team.


Having fun - but having some probs :(

Back in the labs after it shut for 9 hours. still having issues with Ray Casting in Unity. I hope to beat it.


Character 4

Woot, 4 characters made in photo shop, and the first one is now at attached to the springs and masses system. :)


Almost done for the evening

Well our labs are shutting in about 15 mins that we will get some sleep at some point. we shall be back in for 9am.

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