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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In Dryad players try to keep a tree alive as long as they can by removing rotting branches. Watch as the season's change and see how many you can keep the tree alive for. Includes Accessibility Features.
Brief Play Description: 

As the tree grows, it's branches will rot.

Click on the white rotting branches to remove them before it spreads to the trunk.

Alternatively hit any key to get rid of a random rotting branch.

Pause the game using the icon or by hitting the escape key

Accessibility Features:


Use Mouse or Keyboard - Choose which control method suits you.

Re-Mappable Controls - Use any key to play the game.

One-Button Support - Play using just one button.

Auto-Start - The game starts automatically without need for extra input.


Colour Blind Friendly - Graphics designed to be accessible to all users.

High Visibility Graphics - Alternate options for better contrasting visuals, such as removing the background art.


In-Built Tutorial - Learn the simple rules using the in-game tutorial.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Limescale are Chaz Ali - Programming Jamie Degen - Art Spencer Marshman - Sound Jonathan Melmore - Art Ben Sharples - Programmming Designed by Limescale
Installation Notes: 

Unpack file into folder and run .exe

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I have uploaded a working version. It feels wrong and not in the spirit of the jam uploading something that I worked on outside of the 48 hours, but the bug was so big (and not entirely my fault) that I felt it was necessary. So yeah, download v1.1 and enjoy!


Unforeseen issue

This is Charles, the lead programmer of Dryad. It has come to my attention that the game will probably not function on machines with ATI/AMD graphics cards installed. This is the fault of the graphics library I used, not anything wrong with my code (honest, guv!).

On affected machines the game will not open a window when run. The game process will, however, be running and must be closed using the process explorer or else it will run forever, using up your valuable ram (but not a huge amount and the amount doesn't increase).

I am in the process of fixing this and will post a link to an updated build/see if I can update the download link on here soon.

Apologies to all those that wanted to have a go at the game!



Nice game!

One of my favourites in the site! Well produced and great idea.
Congrats guys!

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