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Duality - By Team "8 Hours"

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
An exciting 2 player co-op, horror, puzzle game. This game mashes together the scary and immersive FPS view for one player, and a strategic top-down view for player 2. The game is about two soldiers who has fallen down in an ancient mayan cave system, one of the soldiers die and to redeem his soul he is to guide his friend and brother in arms safely out of the cave. They have to solve puzzles and evade monsters and horrid creatures.
Platform note: 
It can be ported to phone and enjoyed that way
Brief Play Description: 

A cooperate game solving puzzles and stuff

Player 1 is in the First Person view, he is the sound and ground work of the game. His life is on the line and will solve the puzzles

Player 2 is in the top down view and is the visual part, his role is to guide player 1 through the cave system and decipher codes.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Design: Kristian West Thomas Bro Pedersen Theis Kamper Coding: Nikolaj Støvring Virgil Tanasi Andrew Borgcardona Art/modeling: Henrik Esmann Michael Skjaldgaard Stephanie Bergk Alex Agersten
Game Files: 
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