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Egyptian conniption

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
After a long and rigorous day of terrorizing the local Egyptian ruin tours, your mummy is tired and ready to return to his "eternal" slumber. The only problem is that he used his last teleportation spell to leave the tomb and go on his frightening frenzy. If he wants to get back to his sarcophagus and rest, he will have to solve the puzzles of the tomb that is lined with many traps to ward trespassers. Since your mummy's eyes are still adjusting to the dark, it's up to you to guide him back to his resting place. Good luck!
built with Game Maker (any product)
Brief Play Description: 

Your goal is to guide the mummy through the multi-layered tomb to get to his sarcophagus at the bottom level.
All along the way, you will see many different kinds of traps that will block your path. Since your mummy is
an immortal, magical entity, instead of dying by the traps, he will absorb a special ability based on the
type of trap he triggers. Certain traps and obstacles can only be passed with specific abilities and powers.

Fire: When you die from fire, you are reincarnated as a being of pure fire. Periodically you blast out flames destroying any wood you come in contact with.

Pressure Plates: Can only be pressed when there are no instances of wood on the map, this turns off all fires that the map contains.

Lightning: When you die from lightning you are then reborn as a cloud wrangler. By pressing [SPACE] you can create a cloud at your feet which you can then jump from.

Boulder: When you die from a boulder you’re reborn with the power to summon an arcane shield above you for protection from all falling traps.

Pool of Renewal: When the player drops into this pool, you lose all powers but you can only win the game by walking into your sarcophagus in this form.

Checkpoint: when the player walks into a checkpoint your spawn point is changed to the checkpoints location.

End: when you walk into this object you go onto the next level.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Jeht Harris- Project Lead, Level Design, Gameplay Design Jordon Hanson- Art Lead, Asset Creation, Character Design, Interface Design. Mike Slaughter- Program Lead,Asset Creation, QA Chris Heimsoth- Composer, Sound Design, Lead QA, Artist
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