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Eternal Sleep

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Game Information
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

As the oversee-er of your race(each based on Egypt, Greece, India, Mexico) you are trying to find the Elixir of Night and lead your race into a peaceful exit from reality and new enlightenment. Each race has it's own role and betting pool for it's part of the board. Players will be able to choose to do their own role for the coming round or fight/pay off other player's to use their role. Players will then perform their role on the board by movement, reveal tiles and combat to gain ground and hopefully find the Elixir of Night. When the Elixir of Night is found the great campaign of deceit, barter and war will begin for the Elixir. But be careful as you will not want to make your race's dignity run down to zero as they will be forced to restart the game for their race.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Kevin Kulp - Designer | Jason Tagmire - Designer
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