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Fire and Water: A Love Story

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Turn based strategy game where one player takes the role of fire and the other takes the role of water on a 64 square grid. While the snake eats it's tail each side can move a specific nyumber of squares attempting to accomplish their specific goal. Fire's goal is to burn everything it can while waters goal is to soak as much of the terrain as possible. Random flammible objects are seeded on the grid each game. Players start at upper-left and lower-right of the grid and red always starts. Points on a scale of 1-3 are awarded depending on the item burned (shubbery, log,tree). At the end of each players turn they have a air'bubble' attached to their rear which grows by a bubble each turn (forming a tail). You cannot intersect/gross another players tail. If you land on another player within the exact moves allowed by the timer you 'freeze' that player and are awarded an extra turn. If you land on the player with your bubble 'tail' you win.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Asymmetry: (Every player is different) The game requires more than one player, but each player has entirely different goals and rules.
Scribbl’d: (All art is hand drawn) All artwork is hand drawn and scanned in.
Team Image: 
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We're Going Crayons!!!

Due to a impressive amount of outpouring our ghetto graphics are going technicolor and staying within the rules for "Scribbl'd" by using Crayolas.

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