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Fire Fire Fire x Fire

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
We interpreted our theme as the cycle of life and death. This cycle of rebirth is also represented by the balance of trees which represent life and fire that stands for death.
Brief Play Description: 

Your goal in this abstract survival arcade game is to keep the fire burning AT ALL COSTS! The only resource that you have to do so is your green thumb. As the fire grows, trees will be destroyed. Click on the trees to plant saplings and prolong your fires existence, but be careful...if the fire is left unattended it can grow to an unmanageable size. Use the tools at hand to control the fire over the course of its life.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Tyler Blankenship - Producer Nick Kooy - Programer Jacques Breaux- Programer Dan Klein - Programer Charlie Campbell - Artist Chase Boelter - Artist Alex Dunning - Artist David Piech - Artist Ian Nancarrow - Designer Lucas Meyer - Designer Josh Norton - Designer Joey Cohen - Designer
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