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Short Introduction: 
We invented science and we stand by our creation. Now we are setting our sites on the destruction of all that exists. But we only have 48 hours so we are just going to make a game.
Mac OS X+
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

Jump from planet to planet avoiding the implosion of the galaxy. There are some collision issues where the player sometimes is on an imaginary planet, just consider these planets dark matter :)

Diversifiers and Credits
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Shylo mildmojo John Meister pjchardt mathieu nick
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Richard Hoagland

Continuing Work

I should be getting access to a pro version of Unity in the next few weeks (hopefully). I would still like to work on the game. Tim I will email you since you may not be reading these posts all that often.


Re: Quaternions

Thanks, Al. I ended up using the Quaternion.FromToRotation() function that I mentioned below. I'll have to go through that Wikipedia page at some point to really nail down the concepts.

Our Unity Pro licenses have expired and my personal PCs run Linux, so other than some post-competition bugfixes I made, I probably won't be doing much more work. Not sure about the others, but we kind of went our separate ways after the event.

This site makes it really difficult to find things, see feedback, connect with people, discuss things, and download/play games. Even Ludum Dare's Wordpress site, while it has its own flaws, provides more post-compo community and interaction. I wish there was a better way to engage other jammers.



Hey guys, I don't know if Tim is reading this, but in the middle of some night we discussing gimbal lock, quaternions, and euler math. Here is a wikipedia entry that discusses the gimbal lock issues inherent in euler math for rotations....


and here is the unity script page on transform.euler angles that notes that this function (which you might be calling) should only be used for absolute and not incremental transformations.


I don't know if you guys are doing much more work (I hope), but I thought you might still be interested.


Richard Hoagland

New Download

Added a second download without the source files. This is a 23 MB zip, so much smaller. It is the "Recommended Download, no src, only 23 MB" link under game files. Also realized mildmojo was not in the credits, so added him in there.

Thanks everyone, I had a great time, really happy with all of the work from all of the teams.


Download this game

Great work guys. I look forward to 2.0 update, including 'sunburning.'



About the submission

The recommended download contains a Windows executable and a Unity Web Player executable. Mac users can use the web version inside a browser (just open release/Flare_Web/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html). Sorry about that, Mac users; I was developing on a borrowed Mac, but my source code wasn't in a buildable state when the deadline rolled around.

I think this was the first project any of us had attempted in Unity. There are bugs. If I could go back in time and tell myself three things before the weekend, I would cheat to five:

  1. Debug.DrawRay() lets you visualize vectors.
  2. Every "rotation" object is a rotation relative to Vector3.up, the world up vector. Rotations are represented by Quaternions. To align an object along a vector axis, create a new rotation with Quaternion.FromToRotation( Vector3.up, vecTargetAxis ) and assign it to the object's transform.rotation (a Unity bug prevents you from modifying the rotation property directly with SetFromToRotation). Then use transform.Rotate() to twist the object along the axis; it works using local geometry so x/y/z are aligned to object axes.
  3. After updates from the built-in team asset server and after Unity front-end crashes, remember to check your object-attached scripts and properties. They often fall off. Especially since the asset server client can't seem to merge objects (like scenes), only source.
  4. To make javascript components available to C#, put them in the Standard Assets folder so they're compiled first.
  5. Manage orbits centrally instead of making each planet manage its own orbit.

That advice would've given me 12 extra hours to code, at a minimum.

Special thanks to Shylo for some lovely 3D assets and character animations and to mercenary musician Mathieu for writing music for all the teams--more music than we were able to implement.

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