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Food Frenzy Explosion

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Game Information
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Feed the fat man until explosion
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We're team Pod 6 and this is our project Food Frenzy Explosion.

Use the controller (XBOX) to move your avatar around to move food on the conveyor to feed Mr Customer, or take off and find the Chref, to remove the item.

If you get hit by his vomit, you will be banished to the conveyor belt. Other players may revive you by pulling you off and running seeing the Chref for a good punch in the face.

Welcome to the Food Library, an arena of consumable delights and supreme culinary cuisines. There are 3 Characters that are present in the Food Library, Minion Cooks, Mr Customer and The Chref.

Players assume the role of a Minion Cook whose task is to feed Mr Customer via an intricate conveyor belt system. Minions earn points for each food item they place on the conveyor and consumed. Rival Minions, however, may deny points by taking the items off and finding our third character, The Chref.

The Chref is a mean boss, the master of the Food Library. If anyone crosses his path, he will deliver a stunning blow, removing any items in their possession. Minions will also be stunned for a short period of time so make sure you limit the amount of times you have to cross him.

Oh no looks like Mr Customer has bitten off more than he can chew. His digestion is monitored by a meter at the top of the screen, displaying all items currently on the way to his stomach. Feed him the wrong food, he will vomit all items in a righteous hail of devoured food and stomach acid. Players can avoid this by maintaining a balanced food stream.

Additional rules and items are planned to extend this game. We hope you enjoy Food Frenzy Explosion.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Peter McIntosh Sebastian Ravagnani Lewis Weaver Boon Yeo
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