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Fourobo (working title)

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Four players each control one of four robots linked together in a circle. Frustratingly cooperative top-down gameplay action with unique controls, a custom engine, and handcrafted pixel art. (Shortly known as "Split")
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Requires Mac OS X machine, and iOS device for control
Brief Play Description: 


Four players required.

The main character in this game is not just one robot, but actually four different robots who happen to be stuck to one another. Each player controls a different robot, which in turn performs a different task: locomotion, steering, shooting, and shielding.

As you try to escape the lab from which you were built, you encounter the mad scientists and their crazy creations. Can you cooperate and coordinate with yourselves to stay alive and break free?


Each player gets an identical virtual joystick, and is assigned to control one of the four robots.

Each robot responds in a different way to the joystick control.

  • Steppanie: Locomotion -- limited to just moving forward or backward.
    Moving the stick in a circular motion (like an iPod wheel) clockwise moves forward, and counterclockwise backward. .
  • Lifty: Steering -- limited to turning everyone around.
    Moving the stick in a circular motion (like an iPod wheel) clockwise turns the robots clockwise, and counterclockwise, you can guess. .
  • Gunther: Shooting -- bang bang.
    Pushing the stick in a direction fires in that direction. Holding it repeatedly fires, letting go stops. .
  • Shiela: Shielding -- a directional forcefield which protects against damage.
    Pushing the stick in a direction projects a shield in that direction. .

Cooperate. (Or at least, try to.)

Moving the robot around will require two players to coordinate their actions.

Shooting and shielding might seem easy enough, but be careful not to cross the beams!
Firing and projecting in the same direction will cause a shock to you guys.

Warning: be mindful of hazards in the game, and don't get too attached to your robot. It's very possible to get suddenly reassigned to a new robot mid-game.


Technical Notes

Runs on Mac OS X only, uses the Cinder and Joypad SDK frameworks.

Requires an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) per player, running the free Joypad app.

At one point listed as "Split", in case you were wondering where that went.


(because the credits field/section below is messy)

Team Proper:

Wilhansen Li (Wil) - Developer
James Choa ( -- ) - Developer
Philip Cheang (phi) - Designer
Meggy Kawsek (meggykawsek) - Artist
Levi Tan Ong (levi_io) - Designer/Artist

(And thanks to all our friends and family for putting up with us and being incredibly

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Asymmetry: (Every player is different) The game requires more than one player, but each player has entirely different goals and rules.
Hive mind: (3+ players control the same avatar) Player avatar is controlled simultaneously by 3 or more people. They don’t have to, but may, control the same aspect of the character.
Team Image: 
== Team Proper: == <p> <strong>Wilhansen Li</strong> (Wil) - Developer, Graphics Engine, Input and gameplay<br> <strong>James Choa</strong> ( -- ) - Developer, Engine Architecture, AI/logic<br> <strong>Philip Cheang</strong> (phi) - Level Design, UI/UX Design <br> <strong>Meggy Kawsek</strong> (meggykawsek) - Character Design, Animation <br> <strong>Levi Tan Ong</strong> (levi_io) - Character Design, Environments <br> </p> <hr> <p> Check us out at <a href="http://byimplication.com">byimplication.com</a>!<br> You can also <a href="http://twitter.com/byimplication">Follow</a> us, <a href="http://facebook.com/byimplication">Like</a> us, or add us on <a href="http://gplus.to/byimplication">Google +</a>. :)</p> Thanks for playing!
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Technical Achievement Award!

I didn't know you guys were going for the diversifiers! :D Awesome technical achievement and really great pixel art

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