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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Frisborors is a two player game for the Android platform. The goal of the game is to throw a Frisboros while the opponent has to catch it. To play the game two smartphones are needed.
Android mobile device
Brief Play Description: 

The game requires two Android devices connected over WLAN to the Internet.

In our game we simulate throwing of a Friesbee between two people: the Attacker and the Defender.
One player plays the Attacker's role and the other one the Defender's. They have different aims. The Defender wants to catch the friesbee
and the Attacker tries to throw it in such way, that the Defender will miss it.

The Attacker throws the friesbee dragging his finger on a screen in a certain direction and also adapting the vertical tilt of the phone.
6 different directions (a.k.a Hitboxes) are recognized. Top left, top, top right, bottom left, bottom and bottom right.
The Defender hold his device horizontally and can only tilt his phone to react to upcoming friesbee. When needed he can look at the screen of his phone to see
what area of the goal he currently defends.

What makes our game stand out is that it's a multiplayer game where players have to use Accelerometer to control their characters.

the game stimulates to do sports and is particularly fun when the Attacker tries to deceit the Defender by concealing the direction of his shots!

The devices communicate over sockets in a client-server fashion.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Installation Notes: 

Install the APK and start the game on two android phones

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