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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Tile Matching Puzzle Game where up to 6 players compete to form chains of snake segments to score points. There are 4 coloured snakes on the board with points in each the only way to win. All players have a Head tile which can replace a tile on the board and double the score for that tile.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

AGE: 8+
TIME: 45 mins

To gain the most points before the board has been completed. This is done by creating chains of the same colour snake on the board with bonus point awarded for adding a snake head to a shape. All players must try to get points in all colours to be able to win.

1) Each player in the game takes a Oroboros head piece at random and a scoring board.
2) Place all the tiles in an 8x8 grid
3) The youngest player is the starting player

The active player must choose two tiles on the board to swap position. These tiles can be rotated in any direction before being placed.
- One of the two tiles swapped is declared the scoring tile.
- The player scores points equal to the length of same colour snake segments attached to both halves of the scoring tile.
- The player updates their score chart with the corresponding colour token moved. (if beyond 20 add a token at the end of the snake and reset).

- The next player is then the active player.

- Once a chain of tokens is connected from end to end that shape is then considered complete. All the tiles involved in that shape can no longer be moved in any way.

- All players have a head tile they can swap at any time with any tile (except another head) on the board. The replaced tile is removed from the game. The head tile will then score as the scoring tile but all scores are doubled.

- The game ends when a player has no legal moves available to them and has used their head tile already OR there are only repetition moves remaining.

- A bonus point is awarded for the longest snake of each colour (ties awarded equally)

- The player with the highest score in their smallest snake is the winner.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Design/Art/Construction: Wez
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