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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
"The arrow of time and the dimensions of space are easily surmountable, nothing done has any more relevance than imagined fantasy, and one of the greater moral precepts is to have a good meal -- along with, perhaps, some stimulating conversation."
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Unity, with keybored input.
Brief Play Description: 

We made an experimental 'emag', a traditional side scrolling shooter game... played backwards.

You start by appearing from an implosion. YOu then travel backwards through a level, sucking bullets out of enemies, gaining health and losing points.

...You then prepare to avenge your predecessor.

The game then starts again, creating a non-orientable Möbius strip.

How to Play:
Control the ship by using either WASD or the Arrow Keys.
The Ship will auto-suck bullets from enemies infront of you when you fly in range.

(As we set out to create a game that's gameplay was completely reversed, we decided that the only way to test it was to record a game session and reverse it, to see if it played like a normal game)

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Stew Hogarth & Richard Humphries: Programming Kirsty Mitchell: Audio Joey Aguirre: Art
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