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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The gloop
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

Gloop is a racing game in which the track evolves according to your will.
The objective is to go as far and fast as possible.
To do that, you have to model the optimal path to reach maximum speed!

How does the track evolve? Each lap, the track will be the precise path you took the lap before.

The game is over when your health-bar (top left corner) is empty or the time is up.

Your score is determined by how long your path has been.

Health (red bar top left corner): You lose health when you are off track and gain it back when on track.

Speed: You continuously accelerate when you are on the track, and slowly decelerate when off the track.

Pick-up time: The “+20 pickup” will increase the time you have. They are most of the time off track, be careful about your life when you reach for them!

- A, D: steer left and right
- Space: convert your inertia into thrust! Careful, it cost time to do that. But if you feel like you are going off the track, it's a valuable joker!

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
I know what you did last…: (Game changes between sessions) The game mechanics or content will change in the next play session, based on the actions taken in the previous session.
Team Image: 
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Side note:
During the installation of directx there is a possibility that the pc will automatically reboot!!
Please save your work before running the install file!

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