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GPS: Gracius Princess Savior

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
GPS: Gracius Princess Savior
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

A classic princess saving game, yet it is the game if you want to win over this unique, special, and best princess's heart.
You will and will have to reincarnate into various creatures to pass through obstacles.
For example, you have to be a bug to get through to narrow hall.
Just go for a run. Climb, fight, fly, and breathe fire for the princess. She will appreciate your dance!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Heeman Seo(Flash Master), BonBon1986(Art Champion), Changkyu Lee(BG Hunter), Hee Jung(Text Warrior), Jaeyoung Lee(Artist Priest), Sunmin Kim(Character Summoner)
Game Files: 
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I loved this game. Easily my favourite of the Global Game Jam! The art, mechanics, and ending were so charming. This is what casual gaming in America should be aiming towards! :)

Makoto Goto


Good work!!


Very nice!

Very nice!


It's very fun!

I love how the story requires no words or explanation. Well done guys.


Loved the game!

Really cool concept, the game mechanics are a little glitchy, but it's ok, loved the diferent game endings!


Lots of potential

It's a very good game idea, and the mechanics work well. However, the implementation was very very poor :/ I'd recommend tweaking character controls a lot and collisions too. Several deaths are just plain infuriating because they are caused by extra large bound boxes or poor control of the characters.

Rage quit at the second stage after I got the cockroach through the huge falling stone of death and fell down the pit.

Bitter Cold

Wow!! This game is just

Wow!! This game is just amazing! Such an awesome concept, such brilliant execution. I only ran into one bug, which was that I died as the bat when I flew into the top of a hallway.

The sprites are awesome, the animation and the little explosion-reformation thing is sweet... I love it. (And the cricket finally got his chance to shine!)

Definitely one of my favorites from this year, and the most complete one I've seen.

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