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Gravity Warrior

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A 2 player game where you play gods fighting for their right to exist. The gods jump around from planet to planet in empty space affected only by the gravity pull from the planets.
Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Platform note: 
Java, Slick2d
Brief Play Description: 

Player 1 controls
Jump: W
Left (counter clock-wise): A
Right (clock-wise): D
Block: G
Attack: H

Player 2 controls:
Jump: Up
Left (counter clock-wise): Left
Right (clock-wise): Right
Block: R-Shift
Attack: Enter

You first select gods before the game starts. You can select between 4 gods. Each player starts with 100 health. When a player reaches 0 health the other player wins. You loose health by either being attack by another player or if you fly/jump out of level bounds.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Installation Notes: 

Unzip and start GravityWarrior.jar. Use the WD version if you have Windows 64bit, use FS for all other OS.

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