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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Attempt to navigate a maze of invisible blocks using minesweeper logic.
Brief Play Description: 

Griddy is an invisible maze game with a minesweeper element. You start out with ability to make 5 invisible blocks appear by clicking on spaces where you believe a block may be located. If there is a block it will appear with a number on it indicating the number of blocks adjacent to it. If there isn't a block a red space will appear but no block. Each time a player selects a new space a previously revealed block will disappear and the space will be marked green where it was. You are only allowed 5 misses before you will completely run out of blocks. You will have 5 attempts to solve each increasingly difficult randomly generated level.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
David Kronenberger - Lead Designer Aaron Angert - Lead Programmer Josh Montoute - Programmer Alejandro Barrera - Designer/3D Modeler/2D Artist Michael Lavallies - Designer/ Modeler Luis Sandoval - Artist/ textures Diego Hernandez - Artist/ Modeler/Audio Kervin Arceo - Artist/Modeler Carl Leffall - Playtester/Quality Assurance
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