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Ground Beef Resurrection

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Do you like hitting things? Do seeing things fly off give your pleasure? Come whack cows with a baseball bat in this fast paced Action Hack-and-Slash. When you die, collect souls to power yourself up in order to do better when you come back to life!
Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

Player starts in world of the living fighting enemies zelda-style. At some point, the player will take too much damage and will die. At that point, they will be transported to the world of the dead where they will "harvest" the souls of the enemies they've already defeated. From there the player can be reincarnated into the world of the living again and will be more or less powerful depending on how many souls they have harvested.

Note: The installer for the initial submission may not work. Try here for a working zip:

Diversifiers and Credits
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William Liew - Art, Programming Danny McCue - Programming Larry- Music, Programming Matt- Programming
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