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Hyper Viper

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Shipwrecked on a tropical island, you must outwit your opponents and outrun a giant hungry viper as you attempt to stalk the scaly predator. Use "Survival Skill" cards to improve your standing or hinder your opponents while withstanding game-changing "Island Events". The first person to kill the viper or last to be eaten wins the game. This is "Hyper Viper"!
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

Rounds are divided into TWO (2) phases: Player Phase and Viper Phase. In Player Phase, players can choose to present attack cards, spin the spinner to move their token (or the viper token), or play defense cards. During Viper Phase, the viper advances around the board independently.

Player Phase
Starting with the youngest in attendance, a player may present an appropriate “Survival Skill” card. If the player has NO “Survivor Skill” cards in-hand, ONE (1) card is drawn and can be played, if applicable. There is NO LIMIT on the amount of “Survival Skill” cards a player may possess.

Once a “Survival Skill” card has been presented, the player spins the spinner and moves the number of spaces AWAY from the mouth of the viper indicated by the arrow. If “SNAKE +” is spun, the player does not advance. Instead, the viper advances ONE (1) space towards players. If “SNAKE –“ is spun, the player does not advance; the viper retreats ONE (1) space away from players.

Players will advance onto one of FOUR (4) colored spaces:

- If a player lands on a YELLOW space: “Free Space” – Nothing happens. Your turn is over.
- If a player lands on a BLUE space: “Island Event” – Player draws a blue “Island Event” card and must play it IMMEDIATELY. Once the event has occurred, your turn is over.
- If a player lands on a GREEN space: “Viper Space” – The viper advances ONE (1) space towards players. Once the viper has moved, your turn is over.
- If a player lands on a RED space: “Survival Skill” – Draw a “Survival Skill” card from the deck. Once you have added the card to your hand, your turn is over.

Once all players have presented appropriate cards and moved their allotted spaces, the Player Phase is over and the action moves into the Viper Phase.

Viper Phase
The viper advances TWO (2) spaces. If the viper lands on and occupies the same space as a player’s token, that token is considered “devoured”, removed from play, and that player’s game is over. If the threatened player has a “Quick Getaway” card in possession, the card is immediately played, allowing the player to avoid being eliminated (See “Card Rules”).

For each eliminated player, ONE (1) additional space is added onto the movement of the viper. (i.e., 3 spaces for 3 remaining players, 4 spaces for 2 remaining players)

Once the viper advances its allotted spaces, the Viper Phase is over and the action returns to the Player Phase.

If a player’s token is directly behind the viper token and “SNAKE -” is spun, the viper CANNOT move. Under no circumstance can the viper token move BEHIND a player’s token.

There are two ways to achieve victory in “Hyper Viper”: 1.) If a player can successfully approach the Viper from behind and occupy the same space, the Viper is “killed” and the game is over. 2.) If the viper “devours” all but one competitor, the remaining player is declared the winner.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Developed by: Dan Curl Lauren Erskine Steve Snyder Development Consultant: Ryan Harbinson Artwork by: Lauren Erskine Steve Snyder Additional Artwork by: Kevin Chin
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