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Immersive Acid Quest

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are a man that awake, completely drugged in an hospital, with an absessive memory in mind : the image of a snake. You follow you obsession around the hospital, distrurbed by moving walls, shrinking rooms, and oppressive atmosphere.
Platform note: 
VR environnement - specific (HMD+trackers)
Brief Play Description: 

The game is in Virtual Reality, whith a stereo HMD and trackers for the head and hand.
The gameplay is based on body movement (avoid things, crouch, etc..) and hand interaction.
This game needs specific devices and specific softwares so you can not play the game. However a keyboard/mouse version may be release this year.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Vincent Levy : Graphist (2D/3D), Modelling LucLuc : Original idea, Virtual Reality support, Game/Level design Jordan dos Santos : programmer, environmental animations Romain Pedra : programmer, character displacement, lighting Samy Badache : graphist (2D/3D), Modelling, environmental animations Romain Coudert : sound design VRGeeks (www.vrgeeks.org) : Thanks for hardware and support
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