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The Immortal Warrior: Ouroboros Slayer

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The Immortal Warrior: Oruboros Slayer By Andrew Kuess & Oran Amato
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

You are a Warrior who has traveled from another realm to Slay the Ouroboros and steal its immortality... Teleporting to its realm, you find yourself within its bowels and must run as it consumes itself. Escape from its bowels, climb its back, and slay the beast!

Supports 2Player (Coop or PVP!) (ON by default... push P to pause, and push the button to turn off)
PVP: Steal points from eachother, fight tapeworms, half digested warriors, and make your way out of and around the beast first to win.

Game Controls:

=Player1 Controls=
(ArrowKey Up) Up
(ArrowKey Left) Left
(ArrowKey Down) Down
(ArrowKey Right) Right
(SPACE) Attack (Not Animated)

=Player2 Controls=
(W) Up
(A) Left
(S) Down
(D) Right
(CTRL) Attack (Not Animated)

Note - We weren't able to get everything in during the 48 hour window of competition... but we did get the majority of the gameplay working! This is a 2Player Game, built by two men, in two days. Heres whats included...
- 1P and 2P both work (+PVP damage)
- You can kill Enemies (Space or CTRL)
- Enemies and Objects can damage/knock you back
- The Ouroboros can kill you, and Advances
- You can "win" the game by running through all the scenes =)
- PS. We will be finishing and releasing this game in the near future!

~ By "Dread" & "Oranos"

Diversifiers and Credits
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