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Infinity Circle

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
you're a walking through a dead zone, and you want to escape this place, but never can you escape from this place. You have to die and reborn to help yourself to solve the puzzles, and then you can escape this place
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

left right: run
z: jump

tip: use your body to finish the puzzles

you are walking through a infinity circle. There are a lot of danger in this place and you have to find way out of this place, or you will be trapped in the infinity loop of the game. once you find the exit of the game. you will find the truth.

tips: secret ending doesn't show in the first round.

here is the story

the maze represents your life, the maze is the difficulties you met in your life, the death in the maze represents your fault or failure in your life, no matter how many times you died, it doesn't matter, the importance is that you will succeed in the next time. And life is just like a circle, you will continue to run and overcome the difficulties. Like a infinity circle. There is no escape or ending Unless you died. The maze is designed by yourself. at ending, you will find your draft of design and the expo of your death.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
I know what you did last…: (Game changes between sessions) The game mechanics or content will change in the next play session, based on the actions taken in the previous session.
Team Image: 
Artist & coder: yibojiang & lizero Designer: yibojiang & lizero Code: yibojiang Animation: lizero Level Design: yibojiang & lizero Voice: yibojiang Audio: yibojiang & lizero
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