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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The snake Jörmungand grew so much that he enclose the world and can eat his tail. Condamned to stay in his own animal cycle, he cannot reach the superior level. Players have the goal to escape the animal state and catch the celestal level with crypted norvegian runes, the celestian eyes will help them to learn which one will help them to grow ...
Platform note: 
build with opensource real time 3d : www.openspace3d.com
Brief Play Description: 

Players are running on the snake tail and have 4 norvegian runes in hand. To keep alive each player must show the correct runes to the celestan eyes (the webcam). After 16 misses, the snake eat them and the game is over. Each correctly shown rune add one point and allows to reach the celestan state for humankind. Keep running !

Les joueurs courent sur la queue du serpent et ont 4 runes norvégiennes dans les mains. Pour rester vivant, chaque joueur présente la rune correcte à l'oeil céleste (la webcam). Après 16 erreurs, le serpent les mange et le jeu est terminé. Chaque rune correctement présentée ajoute un point et permet d'atteindre l'état céleste pour l'humanité. Maintenant courez !

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Team : Irvin : 3d, Jeremy : 2d, Bastien : dev, Jeff : dev, Stephane : dev, Laurent : dev
Game Files: 
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Some ingame screenshots.
And some photos of the team during the Global Game Jam 2012!

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