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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are a viking with an amazing beard. You run along the top of the world-eater, collecting shiny viking coins. Fortune will favor your sojourn with mead, meat, and valkyries.
Platform note: 
Kinect Game
Brief Play Description: 

The player will run along the top of the world-snake, collecting coins and jumping through the clouds. All gameplay is done through the Kinect. It's simple, but difficult to master. Will you take an easier route that assures a low amount of coins, or will you take a more perilous path with a bounty of difficult to attain coins? Find out who can get the best score!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Kerry Allen - Programmer Mike Bianchini - Artist Ari Bodaghee - Programmer Laylee Bodaghee - Programmer Andrew A. Ernst - Programmer Andrew Meade - Designer JD Parsley - Programmer Heather Plunkard - Audio Kyle Pursel - Environment Artist Alex Rodriguez - Designer Gwydion Rose - Designer Jon Ryan - Composer/Phat Beatz
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Had a lot of fun, hope we can

Had a lot of fun, hope we can do this again soon. this team rocks

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