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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
This is a game in which the player has to kill more, but firing causes player to lose more health! Are you puzzled? Yeah, me too:)
Mac OS X+
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

This is a simple shoot'em right game. The player moves to the right and presses space to shoot. Our hero is losing health by time, so we need to kill our enemies to pick up health packs that they drop. But here is the catch, firing causes you to lose health! It is a vicious circle, you need to kill more to stay alive, but you also need to kill less to keep your health.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
All sound effects are taken from soundfxnow.com. All graphics are copyrighted products of my own. In-game music (Ode to Bridge Builder) is taken from World of Goo.
Installation Notes: 

You can download from the first link above, unzip and double click release/Jam Invaders.exe to play OR you can click here
to play on your browser.

Use up and down arrow keys to move and space to shoot. Be careful, every second passed and every shot decreases your life, but you need to kill enemies to collect health packs. Not all of them drops health packages, so you must plan your strategy and make every shot count.

NOTE: It is more fun to play on widescreen.

What changed?

- Sound effects.
- Main menu and in-game menu. Players can actually quit the game now.
- A new type of enemy.
- Some minor bugs and gameplay issues.

UPDATE: 28.01.2012, 19:45 CET+2
- Some more bugs with the pause menu, main menu and endgame menu are fixed.
- Players can lose the game successfully(!) and restart.

UPDATE: 28.01.2012, 22:39 CET+2
- A few remaining bugs are fixed.
- It is a score based game now, so there will be no win condition.
- Game difficulty adjusts itself according to the time passed since level loaded. It gets harder and harder

UPDATE: 29.01.2012, 05:10 CET+2
- 4 hours of sleep in two days...
- Best score is now saved.

UPDATE: 29.01.2012, 06:45 CET+2
- New enemy type drops a more powerful health pack. Enemy and its health pack are bigger than the common enemy type.
- It is completed!

UPDATE: 29.01.2012, 12:31 CET+2
- Beta testing completed. Minor bugs are fixed.

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