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Jungle Rush

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Jungle Rush is a platformer game where the player is task to explore the game world to search and complete the Ouroboros Stone Plates. The story of the game is about a guy who lost the love of his life, and he went on a journey in search of the Ouroboros stone plates which can help to resurrect his love one.
Brief Play Description: 

Simple Arrow Keys controls ; up,down,left,right keys

Shooting skills : space Bar

Invincible ability : after acquiring 1/4 of the Ouroboros coins

Players can obtain the coins through killing of the monsters or through exploring the maps.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
It’s Not Plagiarism, It’s Research: (Everything was taken from somewhere else) Every part of the game (code, art, and sound) must be taken from public-domain or other open-source sources, not created on-site. You must cite all of your sources!
The Right Target Audience: (Programming during play) The game involves the players actually programming while playing.
Team Image: 
Yvonne Lee YiWen - Art Lead/Producer Ricky Teow Ting Rui - Programmer Vanessa Lu Jia Yun - Artist/Level Designer Lau Ping Shi - Sound Designer/Designer Martin Chng Geng Hiang - Artist
Game Files: 
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