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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
KaChunk is a physics based, competitive puzzle game. Players must gain the most points possible by constructing a tower out of blocks, whose properties change depending on which section of the board they are currently in. Be warned - the board will randomly rotate, causing your tower to become unstable and possibly collapse!
Brief Play Description: 

Two ethereal beings vie for control of their domain - one half is in day, the other in night. Each creature believes their half is the best, and wants to see their entire world to either be day, or night.

The players assume the roles of these creatures and must construct towers to reach the center of this world. These towers collect the energy located at the center - when one player gathers enough, they will either bring about nightfall or cause day to break.

The towers are constructed out of three types of blocks - stone, light and dark. The light / dark blocks gain adhesive properties when they are in their matching area, and become inert in their opposite. The stone blocks are always inert.

The challenge, however, is that the world randomly rotates, bringing your section of the board into the daylight / nighttime. If the tower is not stable enough, it will collapse and send your blocks everywhere!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Patrick Jalbert - Artist, Producer Pei Hong Tan - Artist Adam Lederer - Programmer Zeina Tasar - Programmer Chenyang Xia - Programmer Dave Bennett - Programmer, Lead
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

1. Download the ZIP file from this page.
2. Expand the zipped folder, and open it.
3. Run KaChunk.exe.
4. For two-player, you'll need a second computer and follow the same steps. Because Unity does not support multiple mice, you'll need a second computer with a mouse, as well as line of sight to the monitor.
5. The host will have the monitor used by both players. The second player will just be used for mouse input.
6. Player 2 should connect to the server.
7. You're all set!

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If you could get network multiplayer working with 2 devices, I think this game would make a great mobile game.

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