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King of the Corpse

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Players fight for control over one body. The player controlling the body tries to avoid the attacks sent by their opponent. On death, control swaps. First to control the body for 2 minutes wins.
Platform note: 
Keyboard or XInput gamepad
Brief Play Description: 

One player controls an avatar, and runs around trying to dodge attacks. The other player is trying to kill the avatar by attacking it via traps in the walls and floor. Once the avatar dies, the player roles swap (the player who was controlling the avatar is now trying to kill it with traps, and the player who was trying to kill the avatar is now controlling it).

The first player to control the avatar for 2 minutes total is the winner.

2-player only.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
JD Stockford Robert Kavert Will Long Walter Grey Alex Mathew Danielle Wallace Logan Ver Hoef Jacob Pernell Marek Jones
Installation Notes: 

Requires XNA4 to play.

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