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LASER---*pew pew*---$¤$DANCING$¤$LEVRIER$¤$

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
"LASER---*pew pew*---$¤$DANCING$¤$LEVRIER$¤$" is the first, and probably the last, greyhound ("lévrier" in french) gipsy jazz dancing simulation game.
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Brief Play Description: 

---You are Now a Greyhound. ---
--- pick up the beat and dance! ---
---Be the last one dancing. ---

Multi-player competition game.
(maximum 5 players on the same keyboard)

How to play:
1. Click to choose your keyboard mapping (English/French)
1.bis If your keyboard isn't in the list, just change it to ENG in the windows options.
2. When the turkisch greyhound will appear (you will recognise him), listen carrefuly his instructions.
3. The game can support 5 players maximum.
4. Each player have to press a key (choose the one you want)
5. Press "Space" to begin.
6. Dance for your life !

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Arnaud Vannier : Game Design, Graphist. Tom Guiraud : Game Design, Graphist. Romain Pechot : Game Design, Programmer.
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