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The Life and Times of Pepper-Jack

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
"The Life and Times of Pepper Jack" is a finite-running game in which you control 'Pepper Jack' - endlessly pursued by the passing of Time, undertaking the grand pursuit of collecting Life Experiences while avoiding pointless Distractions.
Brief Play Description: 

Play it here now! Web build: http://pepperjack.dopplerinteractive.com

Gameplay in The Life and Times of Pepper Jack is split into three rounds - each representing (loosely) a reincarnation of Pepper Jack. During each lifetime, Pepper Jack collects 'Life Experiences' (represented by orbs) and avoids Distractions (represented by people).
As experiences are collected, the nature of the experience is streamed ticker-tape style.

If Pepper Jack is distracted too often, Time will catch up - and Pepper Jack will expire - losing the lessons gained by all Life Experiences in this lifetime.

At the culmination of the game, The Life and Times of Pepper Jack are weighed, and you are judged.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Joshua McGrath: Developer Jessica Ellis: Artist
Installation Notes: 

Click and run, Baby!

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Play it online now, guys!

I've gone ahead and hosted a playable web build of "The Life and Times of Pepper Jack".

Check it out here, if you're so inclined!



Wollongong Local Awards!

We were so excited to win Best Audio, and get honorable mentions for Best Art and Best Overall!

Big congratulations to Tangled, who won Best Overall for Growth and to Black Wolf who won Best Art for Snake Eater!

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