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Light Loops

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A tron styled game where the players compete to capture the most territory!
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Built with Unity
Brief Play Description: 

Circle areas of the grid to capture them. Hold 40% of the world to win, or have the most area under your control after 4 minutes.

Captured areas will increase your speed. Enemy areas will decrease your speed. An area can captured up to three times. Each repeated friendly capture increases your speed. Each repeated capture of an enemies territory reduces the enemy territory level, eventually reducing it to neutral zone.

Once an area has been captured to level 3, it will raise out of the surrounding grid, and become impassable to enemy players. Attempting to cross another players level 3 zone will result in death. A level 3 zone will also block any capture attempts that contain it. If someone encircles your level 3 zone their capture will fail not only on the level 3 area, but also for everything else in that capture attempt.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Thanks to Richard (iceblademush) for all our art assets!
Installation Notes: 

If the unity project is downloaded, Unity 3.5 should be used to open and build it. If the built game is downloaded, simply run the executable to start the game!

If the server can't be found while joining a game, the game will pause at the loading screen.

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Nice work!

I really enjoyed the graphic style and, specially, the game mechanic! Our game also used a 3 colour scheme, albeit with different objectives.

This, with a nice soundtrack and sound design would make a great game.


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