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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Manic is a game about self-destruction. You control Phil, a very frustrated and sad individual who's goal is to end his life in the most spectacular way possible. Points are awarded for speed of death and amounts of damage.
Platform note: 
Built with the Unreal Development Kit
Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Paul Benninghove - 3D Artist; Ryan Harrison - Character Modeler; Chad Timmerman - 3D Artist; Jordan Cain - 3D Artist; Matthew Hykes - Programmer; Andrew Male - Programmer
Installation Notes: 

Installation Instructions

1) Run the installer (Windows only) by double clicking the UDKInstall-Manic-v1.exe file.
2) Celebrate completion of installation

Instructions for Running

Due to some last-minute configuration issues, we have some instructions on how to run the game 'properly' in its current state (first version).
We will be fixing the problem in other iterations which will be uploaded. In order to run the game, do the following:

1) Open up command prompt
2) Navigate to binaries directory (default is C:\UDK\Manic\Binaries\Win32)
3) Enter the following command: udk Manic_Main?game=Manic.Manic_GameInfo

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