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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A balance story between butterfly and nature.
Brief Play Description: 

Use "wasd" to move your caterpiller. Eat grasses with "spacebar", fill the bar and climb a tree.
When you climb, press "spacebar" and watch the metamorphosis.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
kemal_ty as Kemal Tuğrul Yeşilbek - Programming selchux as Selçuk Öztürk - Programming alienspawn as Emre Ünsal - Graphics delusionmaker as A. Bike Bâlî - Mascot (fuyjshrodah!) gaziham as Gazihan Alankuş - Programming pmisir as Ömer Atagün - Sound & Fx Salih816 as Salih Saraç - Sound & Fx
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Use "exe" file to start game.

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How to play

Game based on the lifecycle of butterfly. You start as a caterpiller.

WD: Move caterpiler
WASD: Fly butterfly
Space(near grass as caterpiller) : Eat grass
Space(On tree as caterpiller) : Transform

Eat grasses as caterpiller to fill up. When you eat some grass go and climb to tree and space to become butterfly. Grasses grows and dies, no creation grass but spread pollens with butterfly. As butterfly, fly on a flower and wait to spread pollen. When you wait enough (2-3 secs) on a flower it spreads pollen and new grass cames up in ground. When your bar drops to zero when butterfly, you become caterpiller.

-Developer team

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