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Mobius Space Racer

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Life is a struggle for control, a never-ending cycle from goal to goal where your only enemy is yourself. Race against yourself in this Windows Phone game, navigating from planet to planet in an attempt to maintain your cyclic existence.
Microsoft Windows Phone
Brief Play Description: 
  • This racing game takes away direct control of momentum.
  • Speed is increased by power-ups gained upon staying in control around a turn.
  • Each turn is made by sling-shotting around a planet.
  • Every lap generates a ghost of the previous lap, and the player loses if the ghost wins.
  • The player's score is recorded by both the the number of laps completed and time taken.
Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Designer: Cristian Ruiz, Eyecandy Programmer: Ryan "Landmaster" Rehfuss, Systems Programmer: Stephen Moore, Quality Assurance: David Bellomy
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