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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
One player game developed on Unity engine. The focus of the game is resolution of puzzles || Jogo para um jogador desenvolvido na engine Unity. Tendo como característica a resolução de puzzle.
Brief Play Description: 

The idea for this game is designed the concept of eternal feeling. The story of the game is played by two children with unique features that aims to solve puzzles to keep alive.


A ideia projetada para esse jogo é o conceito de sentimento eterno. A estória do jogo é protagonizada por duas crianças com características singulares que tem por objetivo solucionar puzzles para se manter vivas.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Steven Tavares Primeiro - Designer de nível, Game Designer, Ilustrador, Sonoplasta || Luiz Pedro Reis Pinheiro - Designer de nível, Game Designer, Modelador || Eugênio Tavares - Programador || Levi Pinheiro Mulato - Programador
Game Files: 
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Indie Bingo

Generic love message,
Generic mortality message

I think there's a bingo here ^^

just kidding,
great game, (last part with the rocks was hard!)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[SPOILER ALERT!!!!]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I was expecting some twist about the mother or something, cool thing you're a memory in your moms head, I wanted to know more about the history, how we died? Why our mom says it's her fault? etc...

last year we made a GGJ game (Mnemons) where you were a memory also, check it later

Congrats on the game!

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