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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Using the regenerative power of Ouroboros, you must escape the dungeon. Your only tool is your body. Use yourself strategically to traverse the perils!
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

Players must utilize their character's body in order to bypass the hazards and unlock the doors. The player can use their self as a bridge over water or spike pits, as a grappling surface up spiked walls, or even as a living torch or projectile!

Control the character using the arrow keys. When dead, respawn at the last contacted Ouroboros portal by pressing Spacebar.

A murderous thief, after a long life of evil deeds, felt his time coming soon and wished to free himself from his misery. Desiring fortune he sought a coveted treasure of the Eternal Dragon, but was caught by the very creature. Pleading for his life, the dragon offered him a deal. If the thief wanted to live and free himself from his misfortunes, he had to earn it. He must pass a series of trials no man could survive on their own. Because of his evil ways, a challenge was added to the contest: his body would be reborn.

Having no arms or legs, the thief was then cast to the depths of the Dragon's dungeon, given only a series of portals of the Dragon's emblem.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Liam Ford (Lford93) -- Designer: game concept, player sprites, level design || Mike S. (IceFlame) -- Graphic Artist, Sound FX: Textures, 3D models, item sprites, sounds, music || Gary Johnston -- Programmer: player character code, fires, spikes, level design || Ken (kftwin) -- Programmer: water, bombs, weight switches, level design
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