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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Never Ending Runner Out of Time.
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

Never Ending Runner Out of Time.
A Bionic Samurai running game where you can never stop moving forward in order to survive, in a procedural cyclic round world.

Use arrows keys to move and space to jump (XBox controller supported).

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Programming: Henry Braun Luiz Alvarez Art: Conrado Testa Alessandro Martinello Music: Xerak - Bionic Samouraii Madame Rrose Slavy - So Um Beijo
Installation Notes: 

Just click on the exe, no install needed. Or play the browser version.

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Dubious beauty

The visuals have a nice art direction, still, not well integrated. The filter effects are really amazing, but the sprites itself are poor. It's preferable to stick to simple drawings instead of trying to get a beautiful one when you can't.

You should also consider proccessing. It runs slow on my computer - and it's got quite a good video card -, thus giving me awful gameplay: spacebar does not give me immediate response. The screen resolution didn't fit my 1366x768 screen, thought it would be smaller (it would run better too, I believe).

The game over screen could've been much simpler, eh? It gives me a 12 second break from fun, and I believe it took you guys a few hours to make it. It's bad to spend time on something that will stay on the way of the fun... But I know, it's GGJ after all, you can't predict so many things.


Psicodelia interessante

Achei os visuais e a música muito legais, e o gameplay bem divertido, apesar de alguns problemas com câmera e detecção de colisão. Com uma câmera mais justa e mais variedade de obstáculos, seria um jogo bastante respeitável. Espero que dêem continuidade ao projeto!

Sandro Martinello


Valeu miniboss dude! Estamos naquela lua de mel de querer dar continuidade a algo que rolou com os jogadores! =)


Os efeitos de distorção são

Os efeitos de distorção são interessantes, e o controle do personagem é bem bom, apesar da colisão parecer meio bugada de vez em quando. A câmera infelizmente tá bem mal posicionada, especialmente quando o personagem tá a 90 graus do circulo.

Sandro Martinello


Temos alguns pensamentos em como trabalhar a camera mais para frente nestes trechos!


Dorgas Manolo

First time I played
"WTF is that, am I drugged or something?! the fuck..
is... is that a laser??
oh shit I'm dead!"

Second time I played
"OMG f*ck mother f%ck hurry up or the SWchaw... THE THINN.. Laser bean thing gonna kill me... oh fuck! my.. jump... JUMP!!!!

Hundred eleventh time...
"Almost one lap, come on, oh cool... is that a Snake Head, I wonder what happens if I...

The song and visual effects are very cool and the game is pretty hard.
(My record was 0:55 seconds and one lap around the "oroboros stuff")
Also the meme/game jokes were very funny!

Good job guys!

Sandro Martinello

Awsome as aways!

Is that kind of vibe our game represents! we so glad you feel this things! We keep working with extra stuff to make the game more acessible! Thanks dude! =)


Parabéns {2

Gostei muito do jogo cara, é um jogo "único", se assim dá pra dizer... E ficou mt bonito também, principalmente as cores XD imagino jogar ele sobre efeito de dorgas...

Sandro Martinello

É mais dificil joga-lo sóbrio

É mais dificil joga-lo sóbrio que sob efeito de narcóticos BTW!



Parabéns caras, o jogo de vocês ficou muito legal, vários efeitos de câmera combinados deu um efeito muito interessante.

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