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Once Upon a Ragnarok

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A sleepy guard at the gates of Hel is suddenly forced into action when he discovers that Jormungandr, the World Serpent, is preparing to release his tail, thus beginning Ragnarok, the End Times. Play as the guard as you make your way though two levels of platforming and melee combat action in this lighthearted take on Norse mythology.
Mac OS X+
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

Defeat enemies to gain points and acquire health-boosting minions in a race against time to stop the World Serpent from destroying the earth!

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Followers: (Increasing number of NPCs follow you) The game involves a growing number of autonomous non-player characters that are always following the player character’s position.
Team Image: 
Producer: Richard Jackson 3D Modelers: Abdiah Bougary, Chandana Bhargava, Kit Mclellan-Benedict, Richard Jackson Level Designer: Nora Bastida Programmers: Jarrett Blumenschein, Niko Miritello, Nora Bastida Animator-in-Chief: Jarrett Blumenschein Texture Artists: Abdiah Bougary, Chandana Bhargava, Kit Mclellan-Benedict, Theresa Liddington Sound: Daniel Hausmann Cutscene Editor: Theresa Liddington Writers: Kit Mclellan-Benedict, Nora Bastida, Theresa Liddington
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