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OOT - Out Of Time

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
It started off as a normal day. It endeed with time exploding.
Brief Play Description: 

You play as Maxwell Whitlock, the innocent cosplayer who, while walking through the park on a sunny day, suddenly finds that time has exploded and is going to destroy everything and everyone! Your only choice is to out-run time, using your time-shifting powers to change your age and form to solve the various puzzles! Is it even possible to out-run time?!
It plays for PC but using an Xbox controller :)

1. Xbox Controls:
- Attack/Jump/Action = A
- Time shift to change age = D-Pad (one direction assigned for each age)
- Movement = Right Stick along the X-Axis

Player Ages:

1. Baby - allows the player to crawl in small gaps
2. Child - allows the player to double jump
3. Adult - allows the player to lift obstacles out of the way
4. Old man - allows the player to attack time rifts and enemies using his walking cane!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Sarah Blackburn - Designer,Documentation, Artist Karl Hardy - Modeller, Level Design Tom Roberts - The Code Monkey!, designer David Symonds - Modeller, rigger! Jon Handy - Level designer, modeller, texturer Ryan Watkins - Modeller, texturer, scripter
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