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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Create and destroy Stars in an endless cycle of creation and destruction in order to bring about life.
Brief Play Description: 

What would it feel like to control the stars? What would it feel like to watch the potential for life spring forth right before your eyes? Now, you can find out for yourself, and all it takes is a click.
This is Orbis, the game about building an entire sector of space out of little more than clouds of basic elements. At your disposal are some of the simplest pieces of matter in the Universe – humble particles of hydrogen and carbon. From these raw materials, you have all you’ll need to create entire stars and planets as you work to inspire the creation of life itself.
Simply click and hold on any point in space to draw nearby objects together. By fusing elements together, you can form stars. As those stars age and decay, they produce heavier, more complex elements, allowing you to build planets. Continue building and organizing your environment to make your region of space habitable for life. Be careful, though – even though you won’t run out of materials, too much age and decay will change your percentages of raw materials. Make sure you can still build what you need!
Orbis features heavy toyplay aspects in a learning-based environment. In some ways, it’s a simulator, but in others, more of a real-time strategy. The game is designed for experimentation, forcing players to learn how different parts of the world interact as they play. As they learn how to create new things, new clues for how to promote the development of life begin to present themselves. While the science it teaches is vastly oversimplified, fantastical, and in many ways, inaccurate, it does provide some insight into the basic workings of how stars form in the universe. In this sense, it offers a small degree in the way of educational aspects.
Do you have what it takes to generate the spark of life? If you can click a mouse button, you do. Even if you don’t, you can just hang around and see what you can manage. Whether you’re messing around, or attempting to generate organic life by manipulating the very nature of the Universe, try to have fun!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Designers: Doug Lynn, Mark R. Wilson, Ari Abromovsky Programmers: Teddy Ni, George Karalis Artists: Mark R. Wilson, Rob Kramer, Chelsea Sigmond Audio Engineer: Mike Thal
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