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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Orbitorus is a simple puzzle game. The goal is to activate all nodes in each level by launching an orbitorus to fly close to them (without hitting their cores!). Players must find the best launch point and trajectory to maximise their score. This game was inspired by the endless loop of the ouroborus. At the conclusion of each level, the orbitorus returns to its original position much like the ourobos eating its own tail. Also, there are six levels which play in a loop of ever increasing difficulty.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Tested on latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
Brief Play Description: 

Basic Rules

Beat the level record to progress to the next level. See how far you can get!

Click and drag to launch Orbitorus
Activate all attractors (red line)
Gain points for time spent within an attractor
Fly-by (just under yellow line) for bonus points!


There are six levels that play in an endless loop (with the level record increasing each time). So don't try to beat the record by too much!
You can launch a new Orbitorus at any time (it just replaces the current one).

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Nick Lowe
Installation Notes: 

Just unzip and open index.html in a browser. (Internet access required for fonts to load properly.)

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Clean and crisp

Love the minimalistic presentation and I think the music suits very well. Excellent job in reduced time. Also very cool how you can embed it in the /play page like that. Nice.


Thanks :)

I had to tweak the object embed code a little bit... hmmm, I should probably make the text smaller too - it gets in the way a bit on the embed page.


Added some music

Background music by the awesome Blasterhead: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Blasterhead/


Hope you like it!

With my first child arriving earlier this week, I didn't manage much time to game jam (probably around 5 hours total!). I'm pretty happy with what I put together (although I'm not very proud of the code).

(I'll try to add audio at some point. It always adds a lot to the game, but it's also usually difficult to find something that matches well with the visuals and gameplay. Maybe just a background track.)

Good luck to all jammers! Thanks to the Let's Make Games Inc. team for organising a fantastic site (which I got to visit for a few hours on Friday, and was very impressed). :D

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