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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In Orpheo, the player travels the world cleansing it of demons and monsters. They collect souls to become more powerful in order to fight stronger enemies and cast magic. Inspired partly by Demon Souls, partly by Legend of Zelda (The original!), as well as by The Binding of Isaac, H.R. Geiger, and strategy games, this game is guaranteed to test you.
Brief Play Description: 

Armed with a deadly spear and the ability to conjure runes of power to destroy enemies, teleport, and reincarnate (among other abilities), the hero is pitted against overwhelmingly deadly enemies in vast numbers.

Death and rebirth, the Oroboros theme, are employed in the form of the respawn mechanic, placing the player as the master of their own destiny with a unique suicide game mechanic that is often necessary to defeat tough enemies. The player becomes more powerful as they consume souls, both of demons and innocents, on purpose or otherwise.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Trent Small - Lead Programmer || Ezra Stallings - Game Designer / Programmer || Dante Infante - Monster Artist || Peter Nguyen - Programmer / Level Designer || Zaach Tubb - Level Designer / Game Designer || Donovan Heimer - Animator / Artist || Tony Punya - World Designer / Artist / Level Design
Installation Notes: 

[1] Unzip to folder
[2] Run Orpheo.exe!
[Note] Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 and XNA Framework 4.0

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