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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
'Our Boris' ran around the womb, 'Our Boris' runs around the room, 'Our Boris' loves to run and run... but only when he's got no clothes on! Control the cheeky streaker as he pulls poses and dodges bombs on the never ending treadmill of life.
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Brief Play Description: 

Treadmill jogger, has to stay on while pulling assorted poses for points and avoiding obstacles. Racking up combo points for correct series of poses and freestyle moves.

Press z to make Boris run faster and progress up the endless treadmill. Press x to jump mines. Use the arrow keys to pull poses. Points are awarded for pulling off moves as close to their corresponding pose prompts as possible.
Bonuses are awarded for dicing with death at the end of the treadmill, jumping into pose prompts, racking up combos of successful poses, or just pulling off freestyle moves unprompted! whatever you do, don't fall off the end of the treadmill or its game over...

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Rich Searle, Jason Butler, Chris Mayoh
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