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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are OuroBallous, a mythic snake who's been cast out of the underworld into the humdrum gardens of surburbia. To find your way back home, you must find your way past the obstacles and perils of the mortal world using your special abilities to divide and conquer.
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Brief Play Description: 

This is a side-scroller game where you are rolling along on a map. Objects in your path force the player to react via a variety of strategies ... through jumping or by ejecting small or large parts of the player's body. The player defeats the level by rolling to the goal.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
From left to right: Tony Vu - Level Design, Chris Smith - Audio/Music, Kelli Michelle Andrews - Art, Dave Derington - Game Design, Project Management, Mike Carter - Lead Programmer, Josh Hickey - Game Design
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That's a baller snake

Good work on this game. I think it would make a pretty good iPhone game: tilt to roll, tap to split. Well done!


Rolling snake

Nice to see a game that made literal use of the year's theme. Thanks for participating!

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