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Ourobits - The Galactic Garbage Game

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The year: 2012. Our insatiable thirst for Direct TV and reliable GPS devices have put us in a bit of a situation.  After decades and decades of irresponsibility, we now have tons and tons of space junk continuously floating around our planet. What is the most responsible way to deal with this problem? The same thing that we do with all of our problems, launch them into someone else's backyard.
Brief Play Description: 

Your goal is to shoot as much garbage into orbit around the Moon without too many disastrous collisions. The more garbage that stays in orbit, the higher you score.

How long can you keep your multiplier going?

And always remember: waste lots, want not..

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Code Monkey: Lee Davey Freeloader (aka The Decider): Adam Goetz Brogrammer: Dicky Sum World Artist & Trash Designer: Michael Wylegy Audio Guru: Derek "Bones" Boe Audio Guru: Yules Wai
Installation Notes: 


Unpackage the ZIP and run the setup.exe file.

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