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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Ouroborealis: A journey undertaken by young Fire Sprites in their quest to continue the Ouroboros's cycle of rebirth. The egg deep within the lair of the Ouroboros requires the warmth of a Sprite to ensure the continuity of the cycle.
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Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

Move your Fire Sprite to the center of the maze by combining the color of your Sprite and the color of the Ouroboros to pass colored doorways.
The Ouroboros changes through three colors in each cycle: Red, Yellow, and Blue.
The Fire Sprite must navigate to the Ouroboros Egg in the center of the lair before the Ouroboros has completed its rebirth cycle.
"Journey Flames" along the path grant the Sprite the power to pass doorways; by passing through a Journey Flame, it inherits the color of the Flame. The doorways in the lair respond to a Flame differently, depending on the Ouroboros's color within the cycle. The center of the circle within the Ouroboros will indicate, in real time, which doors can be opened at any given time.
The Sprite may pass a doorway when its color combined with the current color in the Ouroboros's cycle create one of the following combinations:

Red portion of Ouroboros + Red Fire Sprite = Passage through Green Doors
Yellow + Yellow = Passage through Purple Doors
Blue + Blue = Passage through Orange doors
Red + Yellow = Passage through Orange Doors
Red + Blue = Passage through Purple Doors
Yellow + Blue = Passage through Green Doors

The colors are based on minimal color theory, representing the primary, secondary, and complimentary colors within the game.
>the combination of two of the same colors allows passage through its complimentary-colored doors, while the combination of two different primaries allows for passage through the corresponding mixed, secondary color.

When a Sprite reaches the egg, the Ouroboros's life is extended, and the Sprite may move on to warm the next egg.
>the rebirth cycle is 9 revolutions

|| Open space - Sprites may move through these passages.
* Journey Flame - Sprites may pass through these spaces to change color.
o Door - Sprites may pass through these when their color and the color of the Ouroboros combined match the color of the door.
x Ouroboros Egg - When a Sprite reaches this point, the Ouroboros's life is extended and the Sprite may move on to warm the next egg.

Up - Up arrow
Down - Down arrow
Right - Right arrow
Left - Left arrow

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Jess - Conceptual Contributor, Level Design Mazetermind, Green Kirbist Jenelys - Conceptual Contributor, Code Minion Master 2.0, Pi Artist, Mythos Maker, Blueguard Shayla - Conceptual Contributor, Sketchy Designer, Digital Drawing Diva, Yellow Nyan Ruben - Conceptual Contributor, Art Pesterer, Code Dabbler, FF0000 Mage Cure-ator Apinya - Conceptual Contributor, Art Shenaniganist, Purple Pimp Matt - Conceptual Contributor, Code Demon 5000, Orange Oracule Anne - Conceptual Contributor, Two-word Wonder, Indigo Ghos...t
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