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Paddle-Pete's Stamping Journey

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
There are two players. Player one has a jump'n run game element to play and player two a breakout/pong like element.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Brief Play Description: 

Paddle-Pete's Stamping Journey

This is a 2-Player collaboration game


Player 1 is the astronaut at the bottom
You control him with left, right and up buttons.
You can aim with the mouse and shoot with left click

Player 2 is the paddle. You control him with A and D.
The paddle stamps when you press the space key.


Both players must walk to the right. If one falls
off the screen on the left side, the level is lost.
Enemies can be shot by player 1. Player 1 can only jump
one block high. So Player 2 must destroy blocks to help him.
But be careful not to hit each other!
Every destroyed block spawns an enemy.
There are also enemy-spawners, they can be smashed by player 2.
If player 2 gets in contact with an enemy, the enemy will stick
to the paddle and the paddle won't work anymore.
The paddle must be stamped 2 times on a block or
the wall to get its functionality back.


Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Asymmetry: (Every player is different) The game requires more than one player, but each player has entirely different goals and rules.
Team Image: 
Henning Kost: Programming(master), game design, level design Nils Menke: programming, game design, art, sounds
Game Files: 
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