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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
¡Eat fruit to run faster and dodge bunnies to feed the dragon that chases you around the world!
Android mobile device
Brief Play Description: 

The main character (Pakal) runs around a tiny world chased by a mythical dragon, on the road you will encounter bunnies that will be the key to survival, if you jump over the rabbits the dragon will eat them, growing a little bit with each rabbit, eventually the dragon is so long it goes all around the world and the dragon bites his own tail. Game controls are simple, one button has to be held down to run and another button can be tapped for jumpingo, however game difficulty lies in the fact that you cant jump and run at the same time, you have to release the run button and tap jump, then press run again, otherwise the character wont jump, this causes that everytime you jump the dragon gains a little distance to you, that's why you have to jump to cath the fruit that the jungle offers so Pakal runs faster for a bit and leaves the dragon behind. Once you make the dragon eat the last rabbit necessary he bites his own tail and you pass to the next level.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Programmers: Hugo Orlando Urueña Naranjo - Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz. Character Design, 2d animation and concept art: Jaime Andres Gallo Parra. 3D animation, Level design, User interface and Menu: Sebastian Figueroa Santamaría.
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