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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A tiem based game in which the user using directional keys, must control the blocks direction to navigate through the maze. User has a choice to take the easy route at a cost of time cva going through a wall or the more difficult route of navigating through the maze with the opportunity of time bonuses.
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Diversifiers and Credits
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David Hynes, Joseph Bentley Daniel Keohane
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

We didnt fully reach out goal of completing various levels, powerups, skillsets, a win/lose option, or use of a menu.
Originally we wanted to design a half cast between pac-man and snake in we have a maze, snake icon, and beads with the option of eating through walls to make a map route easier at a cost of score which was originally meant to be time based.
We ran into too much difficulty trying to use collisions within the game.
We did however get full implementation of directional controls, a time based score, which is decreased if a user passes through a wall, collisions, and maps.

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