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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
What if there was life after death? What if we could make up for the sins of our previous existence in the afterlife? What if immortality was the reward for this cyclic renewal of life? Pandora is an attempt at capturing this concept of birth and death, and the unending return that awaits.
Brief Play Description: 

You control a character who tries to avoid enemies in the first phase of the game. This represents man ignoring everyday negativity in life and choosing not to take action against them. However, if the enemies prove too overwhelming for the player, he may choose to disable them by facing in their direction and attacking them.

Once time runs out in this phase (signifying the end of "normal" life), the character begins a new stage in the afterlife. Here, he has to avoid malicious spirits trying to drag him down to the underworld while freeing the bound spirits of the people he wronged in life.

And the cycle repeats.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Game Design - Justin, Carol | Programming - Xi Hui, Isaac | Art - Shi kee | Audio - Sharon
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